This game in front of you is an attackdefense game. Your computer is attacked by viruses launching detrimental commands.
Your task is to counter the commands executed by the attackers and keep the system under control.
To do so, you need to eliminate viruses by clicking them.  At the same  time you need to smash the blinking keys on your keyboard,  until they stop blinking.
Be prepared, as the viruses might be moving.
You lose when you fail to counter the attacks in the given time.

The game is made by our local computer club "Hackzogtum" in Bavaria, Germany.
All music, assets, and code was made by ourselves during the jam. Have fun playing!


  • _3d-flo
  • benmaxrei
  • baineg
  • legion
  • sake
  • val++le
  • vic
  • ralof
  • DJ_Schienenersatzverkehr
  • DJ_Hackbert


  • visualcode
  • webpack
  • node
  • typescript
  • vim
  • git
  • mumble
  • bbb
  • etherpad
  • nextcloud
  • gimp
  • magicavoxel
  • imax
  • LMMS
  • Renoise
  • Bfxr
  • emacs


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no more game over


Noice !

Reminds me of an 80s Hacking movie, my poor keyboard, very nice game concept! Missing just a little more to do, but the presentation was good fun :) 

Thanks! We related our idea to a film scene from the movie "hackers" from the 90s so very close tip!:D